Sunday, April 3, 2011

Whole Foods vs. Trader Joe's

I have always been conflicted with Whole Foods. While they offer the largest variety of health foods, they really have the worst prices.
I don't think I have ever seen anything priced close to what I'd normally pay elsewhere.

They carry many items that I can't find anywhere else so I would have to either order online and pay for shipping or just go and spend the extra few bucks to have it right away.

They have an amazing variety of cheeses and really cater to so many different "diets." Their fish is some of the freshest you can find and their hot food area is quite impressive.
I bought just a few items on my last trip and spent $35.

Almond butter, ground flaxseed, cocoa powder, chocolate, and instant coffee- for the days I don't make enough in the pot. So really nothing of true substance...maybe these are luxuries? They aren't necessities.

I really like shopping at Trader Joe's. Mostly because I know exactly what I need and know where everything is, though it does help that their stores are small.
Their prices are reasonable and have lots of fresh produce to choose from. If you need help or a suggestion I feel like someone is always around. Their cashiers seem genuine and always have a smile...maybe a little too friendly at times, but is that really bad?

Occasionally I have to choose a different veggie if something doesn't look fresh, but at least there are choices. And they definitely don't have any choices for fresh fish. It's all previously frozen and doesn't look appetizing to me.
I get most of my staples there like eggs, egg whites, half & half, almond milk, fresh veggies, hummus, ground turkey, chicken breasts, cheese, marinara sauce, and chocolate.

Once in a while I will pick up frozen chicken skewers or chicken nuggets (for lazy days), but other than berries I don't buy anything else frozen. Their frozen food section is one huge aisle on both sides neatly organized and lots of variety. Most of the packaging is on the smaller side and a huge portion of the options have high sodium, high sugar, and high carbohydrate intake.
I get plenty from all the chocolate I eat so I try and stay away from that aisle all together.

Here's what I bought for $35-

What do you regularly buy at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's? Which one do you favor?
I am always open to trying new foods!

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