Wednesday, April 6, 2011

P90X Review

They really should make the "Extreme Home Fitness" a little larger under the P90X title.

It is TOUGH, most videos are long, and there is a lot of shopping involved if you want to follow the nutrition plan.

After the first week I had never ever felt so tired in my life. I was falling asleep on the couch at 8pm every night and was so sore day in and day out that I felt discouraged in knowing I had several more weeks to go. I hadn't worked out consistently in several YEARS. It's horrible I know, but no matter what excuses I give, they just won't matter. I shouldn't have let that much time go by. My only saving grace was that I was generally a good eater so my weight gain wasn't outrageous.

But honestly I felt terrible- like my body wasn't my body anymore.

If it were not for my boyfriend motivating me each and every single day there is no way I would have completed the program.
I admired his motivation and will power to stay away from cookies. It also taught me that he is even MORE patient than I thought. It is not easy dealing with a woman everyday saying "I hate this," "I can't do this," "This sucks," "I'm fat," "I want to cry."

I wish I were kidding.

It took me about 3 weeks to really get into it. I wasn't following the meal plan for the first couple months, which was probably a mistake, but I didn't have much to lose so I didn't think that the diet portion would really benefit me.
When I finally started eating better I dropped the 5lbs. I wanted to lose.

In the past I could work out and eat whatever I wanted, but NO MORE of that apparently.

That last month actually started to become a little fun. It was nice to see the changes and how much more reps or weights I could do.
By the time I was done I had dropped just a few pounds, but felt much lighter, healthier and more confident. And because I was working out I was making better food choices all around. Even on my 'cheat day' I wouldn't go that crazy.

I think it's a great jump-start program. I don't know if I could have done the weight exercises by myself because the first few weeks I was really learning the form and having someone else there really helps.

I am pretty sure I was sore ALL 3 months. I was working hard.

I am considering re-doing the program because I didn't take it as seriously as I should have from the beginning. I think my results would have been a lot better had I just had the right frame of mind from the get go.

So it's been about 4 months since I completed the program. I have yet to start some kind of routine again, but have maintained my weight and definitely don't feel as energetic as I use to. My food choices are good, but there is room for improvement.

When I would watch the videos I was so fixated on how I was feeling and getting the form down that it took me several weeks to figure out that one of the guys in the plyometrics dvd looked familiar.

Here's how the conversation went-

Me: "That guy looks awfully similar to my tax guy."

Boyfriend: "Well what's his name?"

Me: "Dominic"

Boyfriend: "That's Dom, jumpy boy." (I guess that's what they call him).

Me: "No way, rewind it."

Boyfriend: "Obviously that's him, if it looks like him and he lives in LA..."

Me: "I'm gonna email him."

It WAS him. Los Angeles really IS the smallest biggest city I have ever lived in.

(That's him below).

Have you tried the P90x program? What did you think?

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