Monday, April 18, 2011

Urban Outfitters Is Out

I had shopped at Urban Outfitters for a few years and usually left with something most of the time.

By no means was it my go-to store for anything.
I usually walked around to see if anything caught my eye or headed straight to the sale section.
I have found the prices to be a bit high for the (awful) quality.
While I don't want to compare them to Forever 21 (which I have a love/hate relationship with) their quality is very questionable. They also sell to a specific demographic so I don't know how high school and college aged kids can afford it.

Once in a while I would find something that would last for years, but MOST times it doesn't. Their shirt prices run anywhere from $39-79, which can be a bit much if you only wear it twice. Their clothing loses its shape and color very quickly, which deters me from buying more than a couple items when I did go.

I actually haven't been there in a while, though years ago it was part of my Sunday routine when I lived in Westwood and would go in before my Whole Foods trip.
Well, I haven't missed it one bit. I actually think their designs have evolved to be even more trendy with even more patterns (which I tend not to go for in general) and feel like they are trying too hard.
What I mean is that I can usually tell when someone is wearing something from Urban Outfitters now. In the past year I think I have only been there 3 times and only left with something once.

So with that said, the president of the company is leaving to pursue another job in London.

I guess I am not surprised.

Sales have been significantly declining the last few years and they have been predicting even lower sales this year. The company blames recent loses on "unruly weather conditions" and its own "fashion missteps."

Pretty sure it's their bad customer service, untrained employees as well as choosing things that people don't want to buy for the kind of price they'd like to sell it for.

Do you shop at UO?

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