Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Promise It's okay to wear White Year Round

I absolutely love wearing white. It is my favorite (non) color and love how it looks clean, fresh and crisp during any time of year.

I've never understood the "no white before Memorial Day" rule. I mean I wouldn't wear a white sun-dress in the winter months, but I will wear pants, skirts, jackets, shirts, a nicely fitted and tailored dress with tights...the possibilities are endless! It just really depends on the style.

I think you just have to know what to wear and how to wear it.

If the rule no longer applies then why do people still say it? Now what about white shoes?

That's a whole other blog...

I really like these white jeans from Express. They are the boot cut stella fit jean from Express.

From the reviews I've read it seems they run a bit on the smaller side, but if you are a skinny 4 then you should get a size 4. If you are a fat 4 (that sounds a bit strange) then you need a size 6. In other words, if you are closer to the next size up, then buy the next size up!

They retail for $69.9o and are now buy one get another pair for half off. I think that sale is good for combining other pants that are on that special too. Or if you have a coupon and don't need another pair then that's worth it too.

There are definitely more clothing options for white in the spring and summer, though some of my favorite things are my white sweaters and jackets.

Between linen and silk, it's much easier to find those options in stores right now, but hope you consider more white in the winter too if you haven't!

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