Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Favorite Weekend Meal

I pretty much get this once a week, sometimes twice if I find some errand to run in the same vicinity; and even after ordering this at least 40 times I still can't get enough!
These are the fish tacos with sweet potato fries at Miller's Ale House. I don't eat any of the tortillas (there's 3) so I can eat ALL of the fries along with the creamy whipped cinnamon dressing that comes on the side.
I guess I consider it sort of a "cheat meal." I have about two a week, but really don't think it's too unhealthy (aside from the sodium intake). I am having trouble branching out, mainly because I love these fries so much and try to get more fish in my diet since I make so much chicken at home.

Today I went to run an errand nearby. It wasn't a necessity, but wanted to get some things at Whole Foods that I can't find anywhere else.
I will post what I bought this week along with my Trader Joe's items for the same amount. It really is RIDICULOUS how much things are marked up. My almond milk that I use in my smoothies ranges from $1.87 to $1.99. At WF it was $2.69. I think that's a huge difference considering tax still has to be added.

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