Monday, November 14, 2011

30 Is The New 20

Or at least I am going to keep telling myself that.

I had a milestone birthday this year and it was hard.

Very hard.

Am I a little wiser? Probably not.

Am I a little stronger? Maybe.

Am I more comfortable in my skin? Yes.

Most of my twenties felt like I was still trying to find my ground. From the things I believed in, to the things I wore, ate and did - I just didn't quite know exactly where I stood and what I stood for. The influence of teachers, friends, parents, and relationships are quite strong and can leave quite the impression on how you move through the world. I know that I've made countless mistakes, learned from my relationships and friendships, and was terrified of failure.

While I recognize that I have been pretty comfortable with who I was for most of my life; whether it was countless hours of acting classes, performing in front of others at a young age, or learning to be confident from my mother; there was just this new heightened feeling, my sense of self, that happened this past year that I've never experienced. It's how you feel about yourself, what you need in your life and accepting of all the things (mind & body) that make you- you.

I can tell you what I believe in spiritually and politically.

I can tell you how I feel about marriage and marriage equality.

I can tell you that the people in my life right now are here because I love them all.

I can tell you that even though I have disliked some of my career choices, they've made me realize how grateful I am to have experienced them and the friendships I've made along the way.

I can tell you that having a dog has made me a more compassionate person.

I can tell you that I have made poor decisions and won't make them again.

I can tell you that friends are more important as you get older.

I can tell you that sometimes I am too set in my ways- like when I get up in the morning I need a glass of water first, then 2 cups of coffee..wait 30 minutes and then have breakfast.

I can tell you that even though I love my routine, I thrive on challenges and new experiences.

I can tell you that living in a city with cultural diversity, good weather and good food is very important.

I can tell you that I am willing to help anyone at anytime.

I can tell you that I should have studied journalism or communications in college.

I can tell you that I want children. Soon.

I can tell you that I am looking forward to next year.

I can tell you that three of my favorite things are dessert, sparkly dresses and Paris.

I can tell you that if you want something in life you need passion and hard work.

I can tell you that taking pictures is important - you never know when that might be the last time you are with that person or in that place.

I can tell you that life can be hard, but a good attitude and good people around will help.

And lastly I can tell you that I have never been one to celebrate my birthday.

I can't even recall the last time there was a party in my honor because I was one year older.

And I don't like gifts, even though I like giving them very much.

And there's no pity party of one here. I promise.

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life...don't let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice, and most importantly - have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow truly know what you want to become." - Steve Jobs


  1. love and appreciate this reflection :)

  2. Nicely written my dear. You should have done Journalism with me at SMC after all =) I have really enjoyed my 30s so far and I am sure you will too. Love/Maria