Friday, December 2, 2011

Baby Fever

I was the neighborhood babysitter in high school, a nanny in college and a house manager for a couple of homes with kids in Los Angeles.

Obviously I loved being around kids and I found it effortless- for the most part.

Many of my friends have children, but not until recently did I start feeling this overwhelming desire to bring my child into this world.

In the past couple of years a handful of my friends had them and a few are pregnant right now. That's eight women in 24 months!

As an only child and taking care of children with siblings, it has made me realize how much I would prefer not having an only child.

Of course there are many advantages to being the only, but as I get older it would have been nice to have someone around that I share a bond with that time nor distance could ever change.

So how do I know if this is baby fever or just my environment?

I knew when..

Every child I see, I wonder what characteristics mine will have.

I started bookmarking websites of baby furniture (last year).

At stores, I slightly route myself to go by the baby aisles.

I think about how happy my family would be if I were to announce a pregnancy.

I think about names ALL THE TIME.

I can't get myself to get rid of clothes that are too big because I don't want to spend money on maternity clothes.

I think about how my dog Dexter loves children more then other dogs and how happy he would be with someone else to focus on in the house. Is that crazy?? Maybe, but that dog makes me so happy.

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