Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Starbuck's Fix

I haven't been to Starbuck's in MONTHS.

That is completely unbelievable. I use to go everyday, sometimes twice, for 11 years. I am almost positive that what I must have spent is close to what I still owe in college tuition as of today.

This year I skipped out on the limited holiday drinks, the pastries and the repetitive holiday music.

I have been brewing my own coffee for about a year and half, but only in the last six months have I started to feel like it's a chore to get to Starbuck's.

I love the fresh coffee smell throughout the house, the instant gratification and the comfort of being in my pajamas in the mornings.

One of my Christmas presents this year was a coffee grinder so I can buy fresh beans!

I am not sure how much money I am saving by making everything at home since I buy lots of coffee, half & half and other creamers, but I think it's definitely a time saver.

I have been craving a cinnamon dolce latte so I went to get the grande size with 2.5 pumps of syrup (instead of 4) and easy whip cream.

Can you believe I still thought it was too sweet?? I don't put any sweetener in my coffee, just a splash of a flavored creamer with my half & half once in a while.

I do kind of miss seeing how they would spell my name on their cups and I was always so impressed when it was right very occasionally.

Today was actually the most creative way I have ever seen my name spelled..

And totally un-related to coffee- I picked up my fashionista mom to go to church Christmas morning and we were in matching colors and jackets..

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays! I am still in 'holiday mode' which means I am still eating as if it's Christmas everyday, but just until New Year's Eve and then I'll be starting a diet along with 29 million other people.

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