Thursday, December 22, 2011

'Tis the Season to be Nice

Or so at least I thought...

I never see grocery stores as crowded as I see them right before Christmastime.

Pretty sure that is one word.

I am surprised that my car and myself came home unscathed.

As I was driving, an SUV in front of me didn't turn left for several minutes- she had at least 10 chances to make a I waited, semi-patiently, thinking there must be a hesitant car in front of her I couldn't see.

Nope, she was just preoccupied with something.

Then as I was parking some lady hit my car with her ring walking by.

I didn't say anything. And what do you say in that situation? "Excuse me, do you mind not flailing your arms when walking by parked cars so that you don't do damage to the vehicles around you?"

Halfway through my shopping a lady ran right into my stomach with a shopping cart, almost spilling the coffee sample I just got. I looked at her and she said she's sorry and that she didn't see me.

At least she admitted it.

Then I was looking at some decorations when some lady walked right in front of me as I was touching things on the shelf and announced to her husband that she came back for these, practically knocking me over.

She did not acknowledge my presence.

Lastly, I lost count how many people actually ran into me at the store without apologizing. What is going on here?!

You would think that this is the one time of year people would actually be a little more watchful, courteous and friendly. Maybe go out of your way for someone?

I feel like in general many people have been getting less courteous, but it just seems so much more heightened around the holidays. It's like at airports when you see people who only travel on must be the those same people going to the store once a year.

I didn't say anything in any of those situations. Mostly because I was just shocked at what was happening, but also because it's not worth my energy.

Hopefully there are people out there who have resolutions in the new year to be a little bit more courteous..

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