Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Martin+Osa Replacement

Some of you may remember from my previous fashion blog that one of my favorite stores was Martin+Osa.
I thought they had better prices than JCrew and Banana Republic, a nice variety for casual clothes and a great layout at the store for much easier shopping.
Unfortunately due to the economy they closed all of their stores last year and the only place that slightly compares is Ann Taylor LOFT. Now there is a big difference (I think) between Ann Taylor and LOFT.

LOFT caters more towards more fun and flirty styles. Lots of semi-casual wear that can easily be taken from day to night. But they have lots of resort wear, which is my absolute favorite. Who doesn't want to wear clothes that makes them feel like they are on vacation 24/7?

Ann Taylor is more business casual and geared more for the 'working' woman. The only 2 items that I have ever purchased were cashmere sweaters in the exact same style, but different colors. And because most of their things are on the dressier side, the prices are somewhat higher. Their basic wear, which goes on sale more often, is so basic that I can find something much better at LOFT. So I do pop in once in a while, but not every time I pass one at the mall.

This shirt above is one of my favorites on sale right now. If you haven't given LOFT a chance, I highly recommend it. I'd say that almost every single time I go I find something I like.

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