Friday, March 25, 2011

Best Versatile Slacks

Okay they are actually pants, but for some reason it just seems like a silly word to me so I am going with slacks.

Pants were originally called pantaloons in the 1830's.

When I think of pants, I think of underpants, children, ants in my pants, drawers, really nothing to do with a nice pair of slacks.

I rarely buy slacks, mostly because I don't have much need for them and don't like to try them on.
I have read so much about these over the year that I finally caved and bought them.
I tried them on when I got home of course.

They are the Studio Stretch Wide Waistband Editor Pant at Express.

They fit perfectly and are so comfortable. They are easy to dress up or down and don't feel like you are in "office" clothing. They come in short, regular and tall lengths too.

They are 59.9o and you can get the second pair for half off...and I think you will.

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