Friday, September 23, 2011

Wallet Waster

Between moving, two weddings, family in town and feeling under the weather, it has been really hard to write the last couple of months. Things are finally slowing down and I hope to get back to writing. I am actually thinking about doing video posts in the future!

I absolutely love wallets. All kinds of them. I love them almost as much as I love handbags. I must own 20.


I've become somewhat of a 'wallet collector' unbenounced to me. I swear I didn't know how bad it was until I moved a couple months ago. Actually there are A LOT things I need to get rid of, but for now I am focusing on getting rid of those wallets that might get some better use in other purses.

I use my Tory Burch Vintage Rose Gold Metallic Wristlet ALL THE TIME. I like to take it out and put my phone and car key in there when I don't want to lug my handbag around. It looks even more vintage than it should because I can't seem to switch it up to anything else. Plus I love rose gold.

They still have them available at select department stores and, but only in silver and gold.

I know I shouldn't be looking for more, but I REALLY like this black patent one shown above.

You can also use it as a clutch, though I don't think a phone would fit in there..

This one retails for $195.

Waaay more then I would actually have in there.

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